Complex Sorting in ActiveRecord

The thought process behind creating a simple object to help deal with complex ActiveRecord ORDER BY queries with a strong focus on the Single Responsibility Principal.

The Power of ActiveRecord's '#update'

We all strive to keep our controllers skinny. The first sign of a fattening controller is commonly in the update action. This action is responsible for updating a record in the database based on parameters passed in from a form or ajax (the mythological Greek hero).

Chapman University Web Products

This list contains all the web products that the Chapman University Web Team support along with the various technologies used to power each site. We have quite the diverse array of tech.

Easy Custom Rails Validators

I Googled 'custom rails date validation' and found a gem and a cool Validator ruby class. But rather than add yet another dependency to this app or create another file, I found a very simple solution tucked away deep in the rails guides...